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OPIS Crash Course Podcast: Investing in Climate Change

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A Global Price for Carbon Emissions – Introducing the Global Carbon Index

With continued record high global temperatures and the effects of climate change continuing to take its toll on world economies, governments have come together to reduce carbon emissions. One key method is to put a price on emissions, forcing companies that pollute to pay to do so. Krane Funds Advisors have teamed up with Climate Finance Partners to offer a new ETF, the KFA Global Carbon ETF (KRBN) that will be benchmarked to IHS Markit’s Global Carbon Index.

Join host Jessica Nesterak of OPIS in discussing Carbon Pricing with Eron Bloomgarden, a partner at Climate Finance Partners where he advises on climate investment solutions, and Nick Godec, a project manager on IHS (The Parent Company of OPIS) Markit’s Index team, covering the firm’s tradable indices. Learn about global carbon credit markets and how investment in a new financial index can help fight climate change.

The IHS Markit Global Carbon Index tracks the most liquid segment of the tradable carbon credit futures markets. Constituents of the Global Carbon Index include futures contracts on European Union Allowances (EUA), California Carbon Allowances (CCA) and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), with pricing data from OPIS by IHS Markit Pricing (North American Pricing) and ICE Futures Pricing (European Pricing).

The KFA Global Carbon ETF (KRBN) is distributed by SEI Investments Distribution Company (SIDCO), 1 Freedom Valley Drive, Oaks, PA 19356, which is not affiliated with Krane Funds Advisors, LLC or Climate Finance Partners, the Fund’s sub-adviser.